Lomilomi ~ An Ancient Hawaiian Healing Art

The Pukui-Ebert Hawaiian Dictionary defines “lomi” as:  to rub, press, squeeze, massage, rub out; to work in and out, as claws of a contented cat.


Lomilomi  is a distinctly Hawaiian therapy, a spiritual massage practice that the Kahuna practiced for centuries.  The Hawaiian term Kahuna refers to a definite class of people who were considered experts in all matters pertaining to life and spirituality in pre-missionary days.  These Kahuna practices remained mysterious, because each was a carefully guarded secret.  Kahuna imparted knowledge only to a bright potential healer of the next generation or two.  It took a long time to be given healing “secrets,” and to be taught patience and understanding and to become a lover of wisdom, knowledge and self-awareness. 


Today there are only a handful of these Kahuna masters of Hawaiian descent.  The best known, perhaps, is "Auntie Margaret" Machado, who taught the "Kona Method."

Because of the evolution of healing practices throughout the world, Auntie Margaret and other masters began to impart their knowledge and open up the teaching to non-natives, after a period of apprenticeship and the all-important permission and respect.


Lomilomi is not a ‘fad.’  The concepts that are essential to the practice of this healing art form include pule, (prayer) ho’oponopono, (to make things right, as in forgiveness) gratitude, humility, honorability, patience, and unconditional love.   The relaxing and restorative effects of lomilomi are obvious.  On a subtler level, lomilomi must be administered with a pure and loving touch.  Through intention, the practitioner is an instrument of a higher force that works through the hands.  Through blessing the recipient’s body, the techniques, employed with deep sincerity, will go deep, reaching to the soul level and enhancing healing.



Several attributes are paramount in the administering of a lomilomi therapeutic massage.  Most important is "the loving touch," because of the belief that love overcomes all obstacles.  Lomilomi, then, is not just a procedure; is a way of life.  As the practitioner becomes more sensitive to and aware of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, 

the practitioner learns how to mend problems on these different levels for self, and subsequently how to join in partnership to assist with the mending of problems for others.  


My passion is the practice and teaching of lomilomi Hawaiian bodywork.  I am so grateful to have been trained with many respected and beloved Hawaiian healing masters.   In addition to being an Approved Instructor with The Hawaiian Lomilomi Association,  I earned my Hawaii Department of Education State Licensed Instructor certification in 2001, and co-founded a massage school in Kailua,  establishing the Lomilomi Aloha School of Hawaiian Healing Arts there.     Currently classes are taught in "ohana" style intensives and smaller classes are held at the healing center Lomilomi Hana Lima, where I am 

honored to be in business with my daughter-in-law and son in a family business that is the realization of a sacred vision!


After attending Brenda's LomiLomi class, not only had I learned a new massage technique, a new healing modality and the Hawaiian artform of forgiveness,...I am grateful to have been taught by Brenda in her patient, insightful and healing ways. Already looking forward to Level 2! Brenda is a great teacher, healer, hula dancer and I consider her a mentor.

Hope Barrington ~ Holistic Therapist
Ontario, Canada

The "heart of lomilomi" is at the foundation of Kumu Brenda's classes. Her guidance will teach you to "feel your lomi", to "listen to the body as it will speak and guide you to what it needs". Most important as a practitioner you'll learn the importance of being "pono", being in right standing with spirit, mind and body.

Doreen Kupau ~ Lomilomi Practitioner

The true beauty of the Lomilomi classes taught by Kumu Brenda is the gentle opening and revealing of the therapists' healing heart.Thru learned chants, prayer (pule), forgiveness & unity, this class experience unearthed my true spirit of Aloha, and for that I am forever grateful."

Laura Bach Buzzell, LMT ~ Lomilomi Practitioner

Brenda Ignacio introduced me to the world of Lomilomi and my life has never been the same since. Brenda possesses incredible gifts as an instructor and anyone wishing to learn about Lomilomi and also wishing to experience the great healing power of love will benefit from studying with her.

John Kalani Zak - Filmmaker

Kumu Brenda is the embodiment of Aloha, with a heart that is so open.  Rather than feeling like an 'outsider,' Kumu Brenda welcomed me to the lomi tradition and Hawaiian cultural practices as if I were a 'local.'  Her teaching is clear and practical, and infused with reverence throughout.  I felt honored and blessed being in her class.

Nancy Earl - LMT, Massage Instructor, Portland, Oregon


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