Because of the evolution of healing practices throughout the world, Hawaiian masters have imparted their knowledge to a few chosen to share their ancient and metaphysical intuitive sense willingly, trusting that it will be held with reverence and taught in the old traditional manner.


In our lomilomi workshops, students are taught that Spirit is the energy that is embodied in a lomilomi practitioner, and that the wisdom shared is gentle, yet very strong, .... soft, yet deep.  The practitioner is taught to step aside and allow self to be a vessel of healing energy in partnership with the receiver.   Lomilomi massage is very powerful, and workshops also empower the students.


LEVEL I  - this workshop is designed to introduce participants to lomilomi in a manner in which it can be applied to present day situations.   In a "hands on" setting, general techniques for the entire body will be demonstrated by the instructor(s) and practiced by the participants, finishing with a full body routine.  It includes the essentials of the work, including pule, ho'oponopono, the Ha breath, proper biomechanics and healing chants.   A student who completes Level I will be given the wisdom, confidence and inner dance to transform their massage routine into something uniquely beautiful!


LEVEL II - this workshop covers advanced and deep tissue techniques that involve the use of hot towels and introduction of wela pohaku (hot stones), and techniques for specific conditions.  Healing chants, breathing, centering techniques and review of Level I fundamentals increase proficiency and experience.  Wellbeing of practitioner and client is increased through proper use of body weight, relaxed hands and loving touch.  Introduction to the most popular healing herbs in la'au lapa'au and their uses is included in Level II, including the sea water cleanse and aromatherapy footbath lomi.


WELA POHAKU - this workshop covers a complete lomilomi full body routine and use of wela pohaku, or hot stones wrapped in ti or other healing leaves. The deep effect of this powerful earth energy makes any lomilomi experience unforgettable.  The selection, care, proper use and energy of the stones are taught to participants in an exciting routine, using class sets of stones.  Select sets of stones will be available for purchase by each participant for their use after completion of this workshop. 


HEALING CHANTS -  all lomilomi practitioners gain from learning healing chants that call forth guidance and healing for practitioner and receiver.  Exceptional teachers and friends will offer one-day classes and

be part of each workshop, both Levels I and II.    


SACRED SITES AND MORE – to deepen knowledge and keep learning juicy and fun, all workshops will include visits to sacred sites, botanical gardens or healing heiau, as well as possibly crafting lomi sticks and ti leaf lei, etc.    Hula basics will also be taught, depending on participants and tone of the group.


LEVEL I AND LEVEL II INTENSIVES - Join us on beautiful Oahu for a full week of training in the sacred art of lomilomi massage, healing chants, hula and much more with Kumu Lomi Brenda and beloved island kupuna and friends!  These intensives promise to be rich educational and renewing experiences that will include lodging, meals, culturally rich site visits and special guests.  Arrive on Sunday, with learning intensive from Monday through Friday, with departure on Saturday.    E komo mai, ....join us in a joyful and educational environment that will bring forth the very best  for each participant, building confidence and creativity, with instructors and surprise guests committed to sharing generously.  A life-changing experience awaits you!  Save your place NOW! 

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YOU'VE ASKED,... SO 3- AND 4- DAY Foundation and Introduction to Lomilomi classes are being offered at Lomilomi Hana Lima's beautiful healing center for a maximum of 6 students starting in June, 2009.   These classes are for massage therapists who wish to add Lomilomi to their course of study, and will be held both weekdays and/or evenings and weekends to meet specific schedules on select dates.

Please call Kumu Brenda at (808) 263-0303 to inquire about registering for these classes.   Foundation Ho'oponopono is included as part of all classes.

Kumu Brenda, David Keoni & Eri Virden


 Why Lomilomi Aloha and Kumu Brenda?   In an open and joyful manner, Kumu Brenda guides students to deepen their awareness and importance of bringing themselves to a place of being pono, (in balance) within and without, allowing passion for life and the healing power within to be ignited.  Self-discovery and self-acceptance are the first steps to becoming a practitioner capable of inviting healing to self and others.  An added benefit of this is to then claim the fulfillment, peace and joy that comes, according to one's belief and allowance. 

Level I Workshops ~  Please sign up soon for upcoming workshops, held in the beautiful Lomilomi Hana Lima Healing Center in Kailua, Oahu. Refer to Level I and Level II descriptions on this page.  Please email   for upcoming dates and workshops.

Level I and Level II Intensives ~  Fuller descriptions appear on this page.   Week long intensives are the best "vacation" one can take................they deepen the knowledge and experience and give an added boost to returning to one's 'normal' existence, which changes for the good.

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